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Design + Art Direction for Australian-based pop band The Griswold’s “Down & Old” music video. Utilizing illustrative and lyric-based typography, body painting, and projections to convey mood, with inspiration from our model and muse Isabelle Aslop.

Director: Kris Merc
Dp: Mickey Todiwala + Kris Merc
Design + Art Direction: Rich Tu
Dp: Mickey Todiwala + Kris Merc
Producer: Nolan Rosemond
Animation: Liesje Kraai + Jillian Egan
Casting: Jillian Egan
Body Painting: Rich Tu + Senen Llanos

Dancers & Cast:
Isabella Alsop
Mela Murder
Jillian Egan
Catherine Horrilleno
Adriana Recchia
Haley Schneider
Cara Diaz Certosimo
Rebecca Fox
Tama Filianga ,
RL Mann
Rotimi Paul
Naoko Hara