MTV's Plus1theVote

In an effort to increase young voter turnout for the 2018 midterm elections, MTV launched its +1 the Vote initiative, seeking to rebrand voting as a social experience. The campaign featured cross-platform branding and utilized recognizable talent to expand reach and build on MTV’s identity as an influential voice in pop culture. The result? Coverage in 80+ press outlets, influencer amplification on social (and countless shares), and an overall cultural trend in the idea of voting with a friend. And on November 6, new voters showed up in record numbers.

Awards include: Gold Medal Winner (New York Festivals), Power of Purpose Award, Wood Pencil for Branding / Campaign Identity with D&AD

Plus1TheVote 01 Tshirt v2
Plus1TheVote 02 Concert
Plus1TheVote Lauren 02 Jauregui
Vice President of Brand Design: Rich Tu
Director of Motion Design: Timothy Livezey
Design Agency: MTV Brand Creative; And/Or
Art Director: Clayton Jones
Animator: David Lee Fiddler
Creative Director for Copy: Hannah Vanderpoel
Designer: Alison Geoffrey
Executive Creative Officers: Thomas Berger, Amy Campbell, Justin Russell
Illustrator: Oliver Munday
Production Coordinators: Kate Cannon, Molly Shea
Senior Producer: Sharyn Flanagan
Design Company: And/Or, Block Party
Digital Design Company: Hyperakt
Post-Production Company: Cause + Effect