Thank You For Listening!

Thank You For Listening!

*Webby Award Honoree* First Generation Burden focuses on the intersection of immigrants and the creative community. We celebrate the unique and diverse immigrant population in America through longform interviews.

Hosted by Rich Tu, an artist and designer living in Brooklyn, NY. He is also first generation Filipino-American and who cares about culture and the future.

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LATEST EPISODE 62. 'Seeing Brown Faces in Film, and the Making of ULAM' w/ Alexandra Cuerdo, Director, Filmmaker, Writer

Alexandra Cuerdo is an award-winning director and writer recently named one of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women In the World. Her feature directorial debut ULAM: Main Dish is the first Filipino food documentary to achieve worldwide distribution and she recently released a book with Eggslut founder Alvin Cailan, titled AMBOY: Recipes From the Filipino-American Dream. Rich and Allie have a laugh-filled conversation about her beginning in the film industry as George Clooney's assistant and how Ulam stemmed from a love of tradition, food, and the desire to see more brown faces in film. Also they discuss how her recent Asian rave documentary Dancing on My Own became a much more personal story about coming out to her mother.