Human Response Exhibit

"Human Response" is an interactive solo exhibit by artist/designer Rich Tu about processing grief in the era of artificial intelligence. It consists of large-scale typographic works, augmented reality, and an animated film. All aspects of the exhibit were part of a complex custom spatial build, including a sensory deprivation viewing box as the gallery centerpiece. 'Human Response" opened in June 2023 at the gallery in 368 in Soho, NYC and ran uninterrupted for 35 days (five weeks).

About the film: In 2022, artist Rich Tu lost his father Ricardo and began processing and documenting his grief through various conversational A.I. platforms, using his father’s obituary as the initial prompt. The film “Human Response” features a curated version of these intimate conversations where A.I. iterates on the his father’s life and is asked a series of questions that touch upon themes of loss, grief, immigration, joy, and catharsis. The otherworldly voice of A.I. was created using a voice avatar, interspersed with actual voicemails from Rich Tu’s father. The on-screen visuals consist of human-generated iconography and more than 170 unique typographic compositions (no A.I. was used in their design or animation).

Curated by Ché Morales and presented by Sunday Afternoon
HumanResponse 01 ANAK Box web v2
HumanResponse 02 HUMAN Portrait web v2
HumanResponse 03 AR web v2
HumanResponse 04 GreenWall web v2
HumanResponse GIF
HumanResponse 06 Lobby v3
HumanResponse 08 Lobby v2
HumanResponse 05 Diagram web v2
DeathGenesis AR
HumanResponse 16 Opening v2
HumanResponse 15 AI Conversation v2
HumanResponse 09 Opening v2
HumanResponse 11 Quote
HumanResponse 12 AugmentedReality v2
HumanResponse 13 AugmentedReality v2
HumanResponse 10 Opening v2
HumanResponse 05 Lobby
HumanResponse 07 Lobby v2

"Human Response: An Interactive Exhibit in the Era of Artificial Intelligence" by Rich Tu

Curated by Ché Morales. Presented by Sunday Afternoon.

This would not be possible with the talents of: Xiaoyu Xue, Yuan Zhang, T.J. Kwak, David Lee Fiddler, Elizabeth Brightly, Laura Rodriguez, Aarman Roy, Tim Livesey, Annie Ng, Mason Eve and many others.

Gallery photography by Alan Hindelman and Isabel Ng